About Us

Started by the late Mr. A. Krishnan in the early 70's, the GT Group began by purchasing and reselling 2000 acres of now prime land in the coastal town of Sitiawan, Perak.
The profits then led to a strong and profitable land development business where hundreds of buildings were built over the coming decades. See below for our current portfolio.
250-Acre Plantation Estate

Kidaripatti, Madurai

Purchased in 1978, the asset value of this property alone has multiplied by more than 600 times due to the proximity of the ever-growing 2nd-tier city of Madurai. The plantation has posted a healthy profit year-on-year for almost 40 years. Contains coconut trees, mango trees, tamarind trees and a small goat farm.

24 Hour GP Clinic



Started in April 1984, Klinik Ipoh PFP 24 Jam was the first private GP clinic in the famous medical street that was Jalan Fairpark (Now Jalan Kamarudin Isa) and has seen more than 1 million patient visits to date. With almost 200 panel companies & institutions, this business is now the 3rd busiest clinic in Ipoh. Medical product distribution is a target for 2017/2018.

Full Service Digital Agency



At Digitfellas, We do the thinking for you. Our diverse team across the globe work together to bring the best in digital, to your doorstep via our centrally located country offices. Digitfellas offers premium quality digital marketing, web and app solutions at some of the lowest prices in the market. Digitfellas Malaysia is based in The Vertical, Bangsar South.

Asset Portfolio

Malaysia & India

A modest line up of residential, agricultural and commercial properties in metropolitan & developing 2nd-tier cities. Our assets are spread across Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Taiping & Sitiawan in Malaysia while in India, they are in Chennai, Trichy & Madurai. We are a traditional business group and prioritise low-risk investments in properties over other options.

Our C.E.O

By age 21, Giri started his first company while working in the dull and uninspiring Malaysian government sector. What began as a desperate move to make something out his life, quite literally changed it for the better. The early real-life business experience made him more competent and ready to take over the heritage businesses in the family as well as his own Digital Agency. Giri now runs the above businesses with his competent team of around 40 staffs that allows for all three businesses to be run in an efficient and responsible manner.

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